The Banff Springs Hotel : Photos 1965 / 1985

Photos from Mark Evans 1974 - 1977

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 Mo & the boys                                 Mark Evans          Brian Pel            Greg Booth

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                          Purple Jesus Party                          BSH  ........washing windows




              Bellmans Xmas Party ............ Jane Dyck, George Dyck,                        Ernie Christmas, Gordie Hobbs,

                                                   Mike Kehoe and friend, and Mrs Simon            Ralph Campbell and George Dyck





                        Rick Green       Jim McIntyre & Patsy Mann



                 Mike Kehoe & Kent Gibbons        Tony Denton, Ralph Campbell, Ken Gibbons



              Dave Ranson, Bill Brandon, Mike Kehoe     Jim Levins & Bill Brandon       Alice Gibbons



                         Jim McIntyre              Laddy             Mo, Mike Kehoe, Piere         Ken Gibbons


                                                 George Byck & Jane


                  Ernie Christmas and George Dyck


                    Bellsman Song Christmas



                    Rick Green, Mike Kehoe, Ralph Campbell